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His and Hers Stamp and Cutout Heart Rings

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Like a friendship bracelet for lovers, this gorgeous matching set of textured rings gives rise to romanticism in a luxurious way never thought possible. The men’s ring has a broad band with cutout heart-shaped accent at the front while the women’s piece has the matching reverse of this mounted on a more delicate, thinner band in high-polished material. The two fit together like puzzle pieces, which makes for the ‘your heart is my heart’ sentiment while also linking the two of you together with your thoughtful gift idea. Give this to your partner for Valentine’s Day, their birthday or anniversary –even as an engagement or wedding present to ensure they know just what your love for each other means.

Instructions Before Purchasing:

1. Choose the desired color of the ring.

2. Select first (cut out heart) ring size (US Size, Inches).

3. Select second ring size (US Size, Inches).

4. Click the check box marked "Add Gift Box & Bag", 
if you want to make a gift to your special someone.

Note: When Clicking the check box, you'll be able to create
a greeting card and tell him/her what he/she means to you.

Optional: If you have any special requests that you would like us to make,
then write it down in our "Special Request" text box above,
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