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Custom Cursive Polished Monogram Ring

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Featuring personalized monogram cutouts on the round front plate, this Jewelbond has impressive uppercase lettering of your choice. The ring comes in multiple finishes and metals such as sterling silver, rose gold and gold for a lustrous look to match any outfit and special occasion. Get this gorgeous accessory for a relative or significant other as a gift to brighten any holiday or life event for a lasting memory that can be cherished for a lifetime. Whether for a birthday, retirement celebration, graduation or other event, you’ll love how quickly it ships and how much they love the custom touch.

Instructions Before Purchasing:

1. Choose which ring size you desire (US Size, Inches).

2. Choose your initials from the top-down lists.

Note: You can ignore the initials lists to have no letters or only one or two letters if you desire.

For instructions on how to measure your ring finger, refer to the measuring instructions and chart on the pics to left.

Optional: If you have any special requests that you would like us to make, then write it down in our "Special Request" text box above, and we'll try to fulfill your request if possible.