Our Story

Jewelbond is an exciting new source for fashion accessories and trendy new rings designed with sentimental and luxurious finishes, details like engravings and more. Whether you’re looking for something new to match your latest party outfits and business attire or want to give someone something unforgettable for an anniversary, Mother’s Day, wedding, or other important holiday, you’ll find something meaningful and fully customizable right here. Each piece is carefully crafted for the most impeccable look and can be equipped with birthstones and names –available in several attractive finishes, shapes and sizes for even the most discerning of tastes.


Our Goal: To Bring the Most Stunning Designs Directly to You


While we know it can be difficult to find the right gift for the right person or the correct accent piece to add to your next special outfit, there is no doubt that we have collaborated with jewelers to bring you the very best in fashion and personalized rings the world has seen. It’s important to us to know that every piece you choose is catering to your needs and specifications. We want to make sure that style and fit are the least of your worries with coloration and custom engraving being the key parts of choosing gifts for your loved ones.

It’s our ultimate ambition here at Jewelbond to know our client inside and out, ensuring that every detail is at the forefront of our minds when we send out each item so you know that your loved one has the most exciting reaction when they open their next gift. Custom is the new black, and we know that the devil is in the details when you’re choosing a unique gift for the very unique people in your life, so it’s of paramount import to make certain that each piece gets the attention it deserves and you get to put the loving message and careful thought into the ring you choose. We want every ring we send out to make your brother, sister, mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or best friend gasp in awe of the consideration that you placed when you order a piece from our collection.


Why Shop with Jewelbond?


With the choices out there for fashion jewelry being so many, there are still few who offer the option of personalized style when it comes to your order. We offer up a myriad of options you simply won’t be able to resist at affordable prices with convenient shipping methods. That way you can place your order with complete confidence that you’re getting not only a quality handcrafter product but doing so at a reasonable price and will receive it in time for that big event you’ve been waiting for!

With different customization choices that range from name and date engravings to birthstone selections, metal options, shapes of rings, adjustable styles, namesakes, keepsakes, anniversary rings, wedding and engagement presents and much more, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and be able to add the personal touch you can’t get anywhere else within minutes. This is all delivered with care and in short order so you can present it to your loved one in the means you choose in a timely manner with affordability also in mind. Who can argue with that?


Put Effort into Your Next Gift!


The next gift you give is up to you. While other people are calling up florists and buying stuffed animals, generic mugs and other more pedestrian items to give to their relatives and significant others, you can reach and really touch someone with multi-stone rings that hold special meaning for the wearer with personalization choice that is simply unparalleled. Go for a ring based on children’s birthdays or something with a secret message inside the band. There is nothing more awe-inspiring than something handpicked and just for your loved ones, and what can say it better than secret loving words or the names and dates that mean most?

Jewelbond offers that rare opportunity for this to be possible with numerous styles and settings, intriguing ways to express how one feels and the luxurious look and feel that comes along with all rings. The engravings can say as little as you choose while speaking volumes, which is why this is a unique chance to really show your heart by revealing how much effort you will put into bearing your soul into a piece of jewelry –and with less actual effort than you may think! Leave the heavy-duty work to us.


Our Offerings and Rotating Seasonal Selections


We simply cannot say it enough at Jewelbond! We offer a vast array of gorgeous rings in personalized fashion that can be as elaborate or as simplistic as you desire! For man, woman, child or comrade, you will find that we can accommodate most sizes, all birthstones, many messages on the bezels and inner bands of rings as well as shapes for any occasion. Our amazing selection of fashion rings and trendy accessories is always in demand, but it’s also always rotating to match trends, tastes and seasons as well, so you can rely on us to have something special for your special someone at any time of year!

Visit our product pages to look at what we have in stock now and see what kinds of lovely gifts and accessories you can order now.