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Birthstone Accented Family Tree Cutout Ring

Regular price $99.99 Sale price $59.99

Available in multiple finishes with a heart-shaped face that showcases a family tree motif in cutout style with birthstone accents, this custom design ring is the epitome of the anniversary ring. Its elegance is understated in just the right way with it being a fashion piece with customization options in its birthstone hues of cubic zirconia as well as the thinner band that supports the front. Give this ring as a gift and know that your loved ones will wear it proudly with all kinds of outfits and for all types of occasions. Ship it right away and get it in time for the next big celebration just around the corner.

Instructions Before Purchasing:

1. Choose which ring size you desire (US Size, Inches).

2. Choose the desired color of the ring.

3. Choose how many birthstones you want for the ring. (See Pictures)

Note: Additional cost for any extra birthstone.

4. Choose birthstones from the selection provided (See pics for reference).

5. Click the check box marked "Add Gift Box & Bag", 
if you want to make a gift to your special someone.

Note: When Clicking the check box, you'll be able to create
a greeting card and tell him/her what he/she means to you.

Optional: If you have any special requests that you would like us to make,
then write it down in our "Special Request" text box above,
and we'll try to fulfill your request if possible.