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Custom Tall Upper-Case Initials Cutout Ring

Regular price $119.99 Sale price $79.99

Make a completely out-there and new fashion statement with this tall letter cutout fashion ring with its customization options to choose individual or grouped initials in an elongated format for an intriguing look. The ring has a wraparound effect with thin band at the back and many sizes available for you to choose the perfect gift for that special friend, family member or partner that can appreciate a fashion-forward perspective to fashion jewelry and what it can do for any outfit. This ring comes giftwrapped and ships conveniently and quickly for arrival right on time for that all too special occasion.

Instructions Before Purchasing:

1. Choose which ring size you desire (US Size, Inches).

2. Choose the desired color of the ring.

3. Choose your initials from the top-down lists.

4. Click the check box marked "Add Gift Box & Bag", 
if you want to make a gift to your special someone.

Note: When Clicking the check box, you'll be able to create
a greeting card and tell him/her what he/she means to you.

Optional: If you have any special requests that you would like us to make,
then write it down in our "Special Request" text box above, and we'll try to fulfill your request if possible.